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Aim Statement

Reduce the number of pre-existing medical condition related deaths that occur within minutes of an automobile accident by 50% in the next 3 years.

Value Proposition

Our inexpensive driving app helps reduce the number of pre-existing medical condition related automobile accidents and fatalities by monitoring driver health and assists in contacting medical responders in emergencies.


Technology at Your Fingertips

Driver Health Hub

How to get set up in 4 EASY steps

Download and log into DH²

Download or update our app. Either create a new account or log in into your old account.

Enter your biometrics

Enter your personal information for the app to best track your activity and car information.

Start setup

Go to the app and tap on "Device Setup" to connect your wearable device. Make sure your bluetooth is on for both the app and the device.

Feel protected

Our AI-driven health monitoring system will track your biometrics and trigger a voice assistant to contact 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Providing a Number 1 Service

Minutes Save Lives

Fast Performance

Providing first responders with critical information to get to you faster.

Reliable Service

Our voice assistant automatically contacts 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

Ease of Access

Our AI-health monitoring system tracks your biometrics to ensure you're protected 24/7.


GUI (Graphical User Interface)

We use an operating system interface that utilizes icon and menus to manage interaction within the Driver Health Hub app.

We created our UX Design (User Experience) using Figma, a collaborative interface design tool, to develop our prototype of the working Driver Health Hub app.

The GUI integrates with a database called Airtable that stores confidential patient information.

Machine Learning Model

We used a Framingham dataset to determine thresholds of heart risk and anomalies of heart rate data. 

The goal of the model is to send an alert to the GUI if a patient is at risk of a heart attack or if abnormal ratings are detected. 

The model tracks streaming data from your wearable device 24/7, sending information to the database to get a record of normal thresholds overtime.

Voice Assistant

AI-driven health voicebot responds to patients concerns while they're in distress, altering emergency health responders to come to their aid.

The AI-driven voicebot recognizes natural rhythms and tones of human speech to determine whether a patient is in need of assistance. 

The AI-driven voicebot alerts emergency health responders within 15-seconds if no response is detected from the patient.

DH² Origin Story

It all started with an idea

The story of DH2 begins with a team assignment for a mandatory U of C Biomedical Engineering graduate course. The goal was to create a solution for an integrative platform in which automobiles can monitor health/alert status in drivers and respond appropriately. Founder, Chantelle Marie Anderson, was a proponent of the Double-Diamond Model of Design after taking an Entrepreneurship & Innovation course and encouraged her team to use complete the in-depth design thinking processes to tackle their assignment. Surprisingly, they agreed! Away the team went, rigorously working through the steps week after week, going from Research to Identifying Root Problems to Potential Change Ideas all the way to their Value Proposition: "Our inexpensive driving app helps reduce the number of pre-existing medical condition related automobile accidents and fatalities by monitoring driver health and assists in contacting medical responders in emergencies."


The team wrapped up their assignment with a prototype by way of a video demonstrating their solution in action. Founder, Chantelle Marie Anderson, thought the solution had potential and didn’t want to stop there. She pitched her idea at the 2022 Innovation 4 Health Hackathon (I4H), where she received enthusiastic interest in developing a functional prototype. Currently, her and her new I4H team are working towards bringing their solution to market to help the aging population live their best lives. They hope to give seniors the freedom and independence they desire while keeping everyone safe on the road.

Innovation 4 Health

Best In Category: Healthcare Devices

From Left to Right: Gurmol Singh, Mirza Beg, Khoa Ngyuen, Chantelle Anderson (Challenge Champion), Ruina Bao, Vidhy Patel, Harveen Saini


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